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VEER ELECTRICALS Offers PTFE Cables With A Wide Range Of High Quality Cables. Our Product Range Includes :

  • PTFE Equipment Single / Multistrand Hook-Up Wire
  • PTFE Multi Core / Pair Sheathed Cable with Shield or without Shield
  • PTFE Computer Data Cable
  • PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistant Wire and cable
  • PTFE Co-Axial and Tri-Axial Cable
  • PTFE Double Shielded Cable
  • PTFE Thermocouple and Compensating Cable
  • PTFE Sleeve
  • PTFE Tape

Specilaization :

At VEER ELECTRICALS ., We Market Customized Cable To Suit Clients' Requirements. The Cable Can Be Covered With SPC / NPC / BC / SS / Fiber Glass Braiding And Sheathing Of PVC / Or Both. Furthermore, We Specialize In The Manufacture Of :

  • PTFE Insulated Wire as per JSS 51034 PTFE (LSCO & C-DOT Approved)
  • RF Co-Axial Cable such as: RG 196A/U, RG 188A/U, RG 187A/U, RG 195A/U, RG 178A/U, RG 179A/U, RG 316 AS PER MIL C-17 or JSS 51100
  • PTFE Sleeve as per JSS 54802 (LCSO & C-DOT Approved)

Advantages of PTFE Cables :

Our products have the following advantages:

  • Suitable for use from (-) 65°C to (+) 200°C for silver plated & (-) 65°C to (+) 260°C for nickel plated wire and for very wide frequency and temperature range (DC to 10000 MHZ)f
  • Inert to all chemicals even at elevated temperatures & fire proof
  • Smaller in size, more flexible, lighter in weight and higher reliability
  • Lowest dielectric constant (2.1), dissipation factor (below .0003)
  • Excellent flex life and totally unaffected by out door exposure to unlimited period
  • Non contaminating, non toxic and bio compatible with good mechanical strength
  • Resistance to fair corona, cold flow and cut through, to ultra radiation, to fungus and mould growth.

Quality :

ECI is registered with RCI, GTRE, BHEL, DRDL, Department of Atomic Energy and other public and private sectors companies. We also confirm our products to relevant international / JSS / MIL / C-DOT standards. Our products are approved by LSCO, C-DOT, CACT, DGQA, and Ministry of Defense.

Application :

Our products are utilized in nuclear power projects, aeronautics, Tele communications, engineering industries, defense, space projects and chemical industries.

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